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Personalized Comfort and Support for Your Loved Ones

At Chautauqua Hospice and Palliative Care (CHPC), we understand the challenges and emotions surrounding end-of-life care. With over 40 years of experience, we provide compassionate and expert care, empowering patients and their families to navigate this journey with dignity and peace.

Caring for a loved one with a serious illness is more difficult than you imagined. You are not alone. Call us at 716-338-0033 and let us help. 

Our Services

Hospice Care

Patients are referred to hospice by doctors, caregivers, or themselves. CHPC will collaborate with the physician to obtain a physician’s order. The hospice benefit covers all expenses related to a terminal illness, including medication, nursing care, and equipment. Some hospice care may be provided in hospitals, in-patient hospice facilities or nursing homes, but the vast majority of patients are cared for in their homes, or in The Star Hospice House

Once the decision to refer to hospice is made, the patient’s physician typically continues to be their primary attending physician. A Registered Nurse Case Manager will assess the patient and continue to maintain a collaborative relationship with the attending physician to be sure that all patients needs are being properly met.

The Star Hospice House

Built thanks to great support from the community, The Star Hospice House welcomed its first patient in July of 2022. The newly constructed patient level features 5 private patient rooms with nurses and aides on site 24 hours a day.

The facility was built thanks to great support from our community. The full project included renovations to the existing house, and the newly built patient level. The house and patient levels are connected via stairway or lift. In addition to the patient rooms, the patient level also includes a great room, full kitchen, salon, and covered patios. The existing house contains two family bedrooms, another full size kitchen, living room, and balcony. 

Patient Rooms

TSHH rooms are designed to make the stay of our patients and their loved ones as comfortable as possible. Each room is equipped with the following:

  • A patient bed with positioning and safety features
  • A nurse/call button
  • Private bathroom with large handicap accessible shower
  • Independent temperature control
  • Over-bed table
  • Closet space for patient or guest use
  • Pull out sofa that comfortably sleeps one
  • Television
patient room with bed, tv and chairs. No one is in the room. lots of daylight.

Think The Star Hospice House is right for you or someone you know?

Call us today at 716-338-0033 for more information or to start the admission process.

Palliative Care

Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care offers palliative care in home or hospital evaluations.  Most insurances will cover palliative consults with our physician or nurse practitioner.  During this visit with the provider you can expect: a full symptom assessment, education on disease progression, collaboration with your primary care provider and specialists on symptom management, and completion of advanced directives.

Palliative vs. Hospice

Understanding hospice and palliative care can be confusing. The main focus of each is providing comfort and easing symptoms of serious illnesses. The main difference is that hospice care is typically reserved for those with less than six months to live.

Palliative vs Hospice

It helps to understand that hospice care is actually a part of palliative care. So hospice care is always palliative, but palliative care isn’t always hospice.

Bereavement Care

Bereavement is the process everyone goes through to recover from the death of a loved one. Yet everyone grieves in a different way and at a different pace. Sometimes, feelings of grief can be overwhelming and impact your work or family relations. It may help to have someone who is experienced in the grieving process to walk beside you in the journey that is exclusively yours.

Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care provides bereavement support through several different programs to meet a range of different needs.

Hospice Bereavement Support is available for 13 months to family members and friends following the death of a loved one who passed away while on hospice care. A Hospice Bereavement Counselor or volunteer will contact family members about a month after their loved one’s death to offer support and services, and if desired, schedule a visit to assess how we can best meet the needs of each individual. This service is covered under the Medicare Hospice Benefit at no charge.

Community Bereavement Support is available to anyone in Chautauqua County, free of charge, regardless of whether their loved one was on our hospice care. A phone call or email to Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care is all it takes to begin the process. A Bereavement Counselor will make an appointment to discuss concerns and struggles and provide emotional support at this difficult time. Typically, the counselor and grieving person will meet for two to five sessions. If the individual feels further counseling is needed to address deeper or more complex issues, our Bereavement Coordinator can help find an appropriate therapist to help.

Grief Support Groups are available for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. Sometimes it’s helpful to be in the company of others who have experiences profound loss. 

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