Caregiver Training

Your loved one – and your family – may face a wide range of needs during the course of a serious illness. Our care teams will help you understand all your options for support and receive the combination of services tailored to your family’s unique needs and wishes. Our experts provide family caregiver education and training, emotional and spiritual support, bereavement care to cope with feelings of loss, and other valuable services.

Caregiver Training

Caring for a seriously ill loved one can be exhausting. Even though a labor of love, tending to your loved one’s needs around the clock is a lot of work – and very stressful. Many families are thrust into this role feeling unprepared and uncertain. That’s why Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care wants to be beside you during these challenging times.

Our professional caregivers gladly share their years of experience and insights, as well as our hands-on help, to build your caregiving skills and confidence. Practicing the right techniques can make all the difference in safety and comfort for you and your loved one.

With our training and coaching, you can learn proper caregiving skills and techniques, including:

  • Turning or repositioning your loved one in bed
  • Giving a bed bath
  • Changing the bed with your loved one in it
  • Transferring your loved one from bed to chair, and vice versa
  • Applying oxygen
  • Assisting your loved one with walking

Every caregiver needs a break now and then. With Chautauqua Hospice Care, our volunteers can companion your loved one or assist around the house, so you have some time to care for yourself or tend to other important matters.

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Language Assistance

Understanding all the options and rules of healthcare and insurance coverage can be difficult in your own language. For those whose primary language isn’t English, understanding may be more of a challenge. Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care provides language assistance services to ensure language isn’t a barrier to our expert care and support.

Chautauqua Hospice and Palliative Care (“CHPC”) will take reasonable steps to ensure that persons with Limited English Proficiency have meaningful access and an equal opportunity to participate in our services, activities, programs and other benefits. Our policy is as follows:

Patients and their families who speak a primary language other than English, and those that have a limited ability to read, write, speak or understand English are provided with language assistance during the provision of services at no-additional charge.

Patients will have two options: 1) oral interpretation, or 2) written translation. The selection of language assistance will be mutually agreed upon by the recipient, care givers, and CHPC care providers. Services will be provided in a timely manner to prevent an unreasonable delay in providing necessary care. Interpretation may be provided by bilingual staff, hired interpreters, contracted interpreters, community agency interpreters, telephonic interpreters, community volunteers, and family members or friends of the patient, if the patient trusts them to be accurate. If the patient does not have a preference of who provides translation services, an outside agency shall be the default.

CHPC will conduct a regular review of the language access needs of our patient population, as well as update and monitor the implementation of this policy and these procedures, as necessary.

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Social Support

In addition to the challenges of caring for your loved one at home, your family may face other issues associated with serious illness, family relations or grief. Our team of social workers and trained volunteers are ready to stand beside you throughout all of these challenges.

Social Workers from Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care are professionals licensed by the state of New York with master’s-level education and training. They provide confidential counseling and assistance for complicated family matters and finances as well as emotional and interpersonal concerns.

Depending on your loved one’s and family’s needs and wishes, social workers can help with:

  • Completing advance directives
  • Representing and advocating for your non-medical interests with our team
  • Problem-solving related to caregiving, insurance coverage, financial problems, family conflict, safety, unfinished business and last wishes
  • Facilitating transitions between care settings (hospital, nursing home and home), including arrangements for caregiver respite, vacation and transfers
  • Assessing family needs and making connections to community resources
  • Connecting patients to non-medical pain management, including relaxation and breathing techniques, self-talk, reminiscence and distraction
  • Assessing and treating emotional and spiritual pain and conflict
  • Counseling or referral to specialized treatment
  • Connecting patients to therapies, such as massage, music or art therapy
  • Assisting family members of all ages with issues of grief, loss and bereavement, and connecting them to resources or programs to manage their pain
  • Identifying complicated grief and risk factors and providing counseling or referral to specialized treatment
  • Funeral planning

Whatever the challenge, our Social Workers stand ready to help families overcome it.

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Pet Care

woman reading with dog looking over her shoulder

Does your loved one have a pet as a loving companion? We recognize the importance of this unique bond, as well as a pet’s distinct ability to bring comfort and a smile. Keeping your loved one and their pet together during this profound time is a top priority.

Pet Peace of Mind®. This meaningful program ensures that the bond between a patient and their pet remains unbroken. The program provides financial assistance for pet food, routine veterinary care and pet boarding, if needed. In addition, our volunteers can help with walking, feeding and transportation to veterinary appointments. If, or when a new home must be found for a pet, we can assist with adoption services as well. The Pet Peace of Mind project started as a collaboration between Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care and Banfield Charitable Trust. Currently the program is funded by The Rosemary Billquist Memorial Fund at the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. We were among the first hospice providers in New York State to join this collaboration.

Pet Therapy. Sometimes a wet kiss from one of our therapy dogs is just the right remedy to lift your spirits. Our therapy dogs are specially trained and friendly. They are pros at cheering up families and kids with their unconditional love.

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