Light a Life: A Journey of Healing and Remembrance

In a year filled with change, Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care invites the community to join in a heartwarming tradition of remembrance and celebration at the Light a Life Memorial Service. This cherished event has undergone a transformation that promises to make it even more special than before.

Traditionally, the Light a Life memorial lights were displayed on four separate pillars, each shining with memories of loved ones. This year, there’s a fresh approach. The lights will now be unified on a single, grand pillar, creating a powerful symbol of unity and shared remembrance.

The new pillar will make its grand debut at the Jamestown Christmas Parade, a highlight of the holiday season for the local community. As the float bearing the pillar makes its way through the parade, spectators will witness a dazzling display of lights, a testament to the enduring spirit of the Chautauqua community. The pillar will then be placed in the front yard of Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care’s office at 20 W Fairmount Ave in Lakewood, NY, where it will continue to shine as a beacon of hope throughout the holiday season.

Families who have experienced the loss of a loved one are invited to walk alongside Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care during the parade, which takes place on Saturday, December 2 at 6 pm. This special invitation encourages families to come together, share their stories, and find solace in the support of their community.

To commemorate their loved ones, individuals can submit memorials by purchasing a Christmas ornament or by sharing their loved ones names for free on the organization’s website at or by completing the form on pg. 5 of this newsletter. These memorials serve as a way to honor and celebrate those who have touched our lives, keeping their memory alive during the holiday season.

As we embark on this new chapter of the Light a Life Memorial Service, the spirit of unity and remembrance remains at its core. This event not only celebrates the lives of those we have lost but also the enduring bonds of the community that supports one another through life’s most challenging moments. In the midst of change, the Light a Life Memorial Service continues to shine as a symbol of hope, love, and the strength of togetherness.

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