Interested candidates should download our application, complete it and forward to the address below.

Inquiries about employment should be directed to:

Carolyn Wood
Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care
20 W. Fairmount Avenue
Lakewood, NY 14750

Applications and resumes may also be emailed to Carolyn at

Master’s Level Social Worker

I. Position Summary

Responsible for offering the professional practice of helping patients and their families to understand and navigate the multiple dimensions of living with terminal illness, dying, and bereavement, achieving this through counseling, advocacy, making referrals, and working to enhance the environment.

II. Essential Duties and Responsibilities

a. Assess and monitor the psychosocial, emotional, financial, and quality-of-life needs of patients and their families; and apply appropriate social work interventions to meet these needs;
b. Develop and implement the plan of care;
c. Advocate for, refer, and make linkages according to psychosocial need and patient/family preference;
d. Assist with completion of Advanced Directives and transitions across care settings;
e. Provide supportive counseling and education to address the end of life needs of patients and their families;
f. Collaborate with the interdisciplinary team, other Hospice personnel and pertinent community members/resources on behalf of patients and families;
g. Maintains timely and appropriate records/documents per Hospice policies and procedures;
h. Supports and maintains regulatory compliance;
i. Maintains/enhances professional skills and requirements including education and training;
j. Other tasks and duties as assigned;
k. Take initiative as needed or when the opportunity arises;
l. Provide on-call services and patient visits, as scheduled;
m. Travel as required. 

III. Formal Education Requirements

At least a Master of Social Work (MSW) in good standing from a School of Social Work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is required.

IV. Formal Experience Requirements

At least 1 year Social Work experience in a healthcare setting is required.

V. Skills and Abilities (Competencies)
Certificates and Licenses

Must possess:

Valid Driver license and current auto insurance

Job Specific Competencies

  1. Demonstrates Knowledge about Hospice and Palliative Care
  2. Demonstrates Adherence to Professional and Ethical Practice
  3. Demonstrates Self-awareness and Ability to Set Appropriate Professional Boundaries
  4. Demonstrates Ability to Establish, Cultivate, and Sustain Relationships
  5. Demonstrates Ability to Complete a Client-centered or Initial/Routine Assessment
  6. Demonstrates Ability to Work with Patients and Their Units of Care for Plan of Care Development
  7. Demonstrates Ability to Offer Counseling for the Changes, Loss, Grief and Suffering that Often Accompany a Life-limiting or Life-threatening Illness or Condition, both Before and After Death (bereavement), Individually and through Socially Interactive Processes Including Groups.
  8. Demonstrates Ability to Support Clients in Discussing Their Medical Condition and Life-limiting Experience as it Pertains to Their Existential, Cultural/Familial and Spiritual Experience.
  9. Demonstrates ability to support clients in discussing their medical condition and life-limiting experience as it pertains to decision-making and planning.
  10. Demonstrates Ability to Distinguish and Respond Appropriately Between Normal Suffering Related to Grief and Loss, Complex Grief, and Mental Illness and How that Impacts the Grief Process.
  11. Demonstrates Ability to Work Collaboratively with the Team for Understanding Client Behavior, Finding Best Solutions for Care Coordination.
  12. Demonstrates initiative to continually elevate skills and competency; provides leadership to support skill development and effective service delivery for the team and Organization.
  13. Infection Control: Understands and practices proper standards for infection control while in the patient’s home, including but not limited to self/hands, computer bag/accessories, clothing and outer clothing.
  14. Systems Thinking and Action: Utilizes resources necessary to enhance quality of life for patients and families experiencing life-limiting, progressive illness through knowledge and navigation within the healthcare system.
  1. Cultural Competence: Demonstrates cultural competence by respecting and honoring the unique diversity and characteristics of patients, families, and colleagues in hospice/palliative care.


Additional Skills/Abilities/Requirements

  • High integrity including maintaining ethical standards, confidentiality and professional conduct;
  • Ability to work in a team setting, collaborate with others and adapt to a changing environment, while balancing priorities;
  • Strong communication skills including listening, verbal and written;
  • Adhere to mission, vision, values, operating principles and strategic priorities;
  • Must be proficient with electronic medical records;
  • Ability to complete high quality work  in a timely manner with limited supervision.


VI. Working Conditions and Environmental Hazards

This position works in contact with risks associated with blood-borne pathogens and needle sticks.  Care must be taken to follow all health and safety requirements.

VII. Physical Requirements

Position requires a moderate-to-high level of independent judgment in performing responsibilities.  Position also involves frequent visual attention to computer screens and other documents.  

VIII. Contacts

Vice President for Clinical Services, Team Leader, inter-disciplinary team members, all other Hospice staff, Hospice Medical Director, Hospices Physician, and Nurse Practitioners.

Patients and families, referral sources, Healthcare (Hospital/Nursing Home, etc,) facility staff, and primary/specialist physicians.

IX. Supervision and Guidance

There are no direct-reports to this position.  The Master’s Level Social Worker seeks to offer guidance and/or information to others as the situation warrants.

Interested candidates should download our application, complete it and forward to the address below.

Inquiries about employment should be directed to:

Carolyn Wood
Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care
20 W. Fairmount Avenue
Lakewood, NY 14750

Applications and resumes may also be emailed to Carolyn at