Light a Life

Our pillar of light will remain up through January 7th. Come see it at 20 W Fairmount Ave, Lakewood.

In a year filled with change, Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care invites the community to join in a heartwarming tradition of remembrance and celebration at the Light a Life Memorial Service. This cherished event has undergone a transformation that promises to make it even more special than before.

Traditionally, the Light a Life memorial lights were displayed on four separate pillars, each shining with memories of loved ones. This year, there’s a fresh approach. The lights will now be unified on a single, grand pillar, creating a powerful symbol of unity and shared remembrance.

The new pillar will make its grand debut at the Jamestown Christmas Parade, a highlight of the holiday season for the local community. As the float bearing the pillar makes its way through the parade, spectators will witness a dazzling display of lights, a testament to the enduring spirit of the Chautauqua community. The pillar will then be placed in the front yard of Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care’s office at 20 W Fairmount Ave in Lakewood, NY, where it will continue to shine as a beacon of hope throughout the holiday season.

Memorial Pillar

Saturday, December 2nd we brought our pillar of light to the Jamestown Christmas Parade, before it made its way back to our front yard at 20 W Fairmount Ave, Lakewood, NY. The pillar will remain up through January 7th.

Here are some words from CHPC’s Carna Smith, LMSW, Carna and Jamie Probst on the parade float, and then some photos of the pillars.

Holiday Ornaments

Cardinal Ornament
Heart Ornament

For 2023 we have two new wooden ornament designs. Each design is $25 and will be delivered to your home address.