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Most large communities have a hospice residence.


Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care is excited to bring to our community our own hospice house. There is a profound need in our community for this kind of caring environment and it will soon come to fruition. We hope you will be a part of this exciting story.

To realize this dream, we have set out to raise $2.1 million. Called the “Our House” campaign, this will allow us to buy, renovate and construct the residence, as well as establish endowment and reserve funds to guard the residence and agency from adverse conditions.

We have purchased the residential property adjacent to our administrative offices that is an ideal location for our hospice house. NYS has approved the project and issued the certificate of need. Renovations will begin shortly and we will be opening the residence in the next year. AND we have raised over $1.1 million to date in the quiet phase of the Our House campaign from generous donors and foundations.


When our hospice house is built…

  • Over 200 patients each year will find comfort, dignity and control in this peaceful setting
  • Family members on vigil will be able to sleep in the patient’s room or a guest room and prepare their own meals
  • Caregiver burdens will be lifted so their final time with their loved one can be cherished

Why Do We Need A Hospice House?

The vast majority of people at end-of-life would prefer to die at home. However, if a patient has complex medical needs, lacks a caregiver or the caregiver is exhausted, the patient currently must be moved to a nursing home, hospital or out-of-area hospice residence. Read the entire case statement

The services hospice provides and the compassion and care of the amazing staff were a godsend to my mother and our entire family. A hospice house would have benefited my mother, and it’s important that we bring this important piece of end-of-life care to our community.
Greg Noon
Campaign Volunteer

My dear neighbor’s financial resources could not buy a caregiver on short notice when his illness overpowered him. The fright he experienced being transferred in his last days to the care of strangers and losing his beloved hospice nurse will always be with me. A hospice residence will be a blessing to our community.
Liz Frederick
Campaign Volunteer


A Message From Our Leadership

Bert & Mary Rappole, Campaign Chairs

When we received the call asking us to co-chair a capital campaign to open a hospice house, we both knew right away why this is needed and quickly agreed to lead the charge.  Read more…

Charles Rice, Board Chair & Shauna Anderson, Pres/CEO

Every day our care teams work to find solutions for our community members in need. The individual circumstances may differ, but the necessity does not. We’d like to share an experience of a Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care client.  Read more…


Meet our Campaign Committee

An impressive group of volunteers has joined the campaign committee to help CHPC reach its goal. The volunteers are board members – past and present – and those who have been touched by hospice care:

Bert Rappole   |   Mary Rappole
Eric Hall   |   Liz Frederick   |   Charles Rice
Gregory Noon   |   Carmen Hlosta   |   Ellen Luczkowiak
Kathie Cracium-Wright   |   Mary Jane Covley-Walker
Lori Thierfeldt   |   David Switala   |   Karen Goodell

Betsy Kidder   |   Karen Begier   |   Shirley Forbes
Patty Idzik   |   Marty Idzik


Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care at a Glance

Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care is an independent, locally-controlled healthcare provider that is integral to our local healthcare system.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive palliative/end-of-life care and education.


May we count on your support?

We will need more than just campaign volunteers and local foundations to make the hospice house a reality. We’ll need the support of you, our friends and family, whose donations, advocacy and volunteerism have been vital to our success.