Therapies add to our holistic treatment. Your loved one deserves every measure we can offer to enhance their comfort. To complement other medical treatments, we provide a variety of therapies that help ease pain, soothe anxiety and keep your loved one more comfortable.

Chautauqua Hospice Care therapies include:

Massage therapy. Our Massage Therapists provide a gentle, compassionate touch to bring relaxation and relief. Massage therapy decreases muscle and joint tension and improves circulation to ease emotional distress, anxiety, physical discomfort and nausea. Our Massage Therapists can apply techniques, including Swedish massage and Reiki (a Japanese technique), to soothe body, mind and spirit.

Music therapy. Research has shown music can reduce pain, anxiety and depression, while creating positive changes in mood – even in patients resistant to other treatments. Our Music Therapist tailors programs to your loved one’s musical tastes, sparking pleasant memories and helping them live more fully in the moment.

Art enrichment. Supporting your loved one in crafting works of art provides opportunities for self-expression, socialization, life review and creative expression.

Speech, physical and occupational therapies. As an illness progresses, physical abilities can diminish. Our specially trained therapists can help your loved one retain language skills and improve performance in doing everyday activities for as long as they’re able.

Nutrition assistance. As dietary and nutrition needs change, a registered dietician can provide assistance and guidance.