Language Assistance

Understanding all the options and rules of healthcare and insurance coverage can be difficult in your own language. For those whose primary language isn’t English, understanding may be more of a challenge. Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care provides language assistance services to ensure language isn’t a barrier to our expert care and support.

Chautauqua Hospice and Palliative Care (“CHPC”) will take reasonable steps to ensure that persons with Limited English Proficiency have meaningful access and an equal opportunity to participate in our services, activities, programs and other benefits. Our policy is as follows:

Patients and their families who speak a primary language other than English, and those that have a limited ability to read, write, speak or understand English are provided with language assistance during the provision of services at no-additional charge.

Patients will have two options: 1) oral interpretation, or 2) written translation. The selection of language assistance will be mutually agreed upon by the recipient, care givers, and CHPC care providers. Services will be provided in a timely manner to prevent an unreasonable delay in providing necessary care. Interpretation may be provided by bilingual staff, hired interpreters, contracted interpreters, community agency interpreters, telephonic interpreters, community volunteers, and family members or friends of the patient, if the patient trusts them to be accurate. If the patient does not have a preference of who provides translation services, an outside agency shall be the default.

CHPC will conduct a regular review of the language access needs of our patient population, as well as update and monitor the implementation of this policy and these procedures, as necessary.

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