Registered Nurse- On Call

Position Summary

Responsible for overall quality, content, provision and continuity of each patient’s care plan, which addresses the physical, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of patients and families who are experiencing life-limiting, progressive illnesses.

Schedule – 3 shift per week 37.5 hours
Monday-Friday 4:30 pm – 8:30 am
Saturday-Sunday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm; 4:30 pm – 8:30 am

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

a) Utilizes the nursing process to assure a comprehensive plan of care;
b) Assures ongoing assessment and revisions to a patient’s plan of care;
c) Teaches patient, family and/or staff on caring for patient;
d) Assesses patient, family and/or staff comprehension and ability to provide appropriate care
e) Identifies significant clinical findings, draws conclusions and intervenes appropriately;
f) Promotes communication through all levels of patient care;
g) Participates in inter-disciplinary team (IDT) and clinical meetings;
h) Supports and maintains regulatory compliance;
i) Maintains timely and appropriate records/documents per Hospice policies and procedures;
j) Maintains/enhances professional skills and requirements including education and training;
k) Other tasks and duties as assigned;
l) Take initiative as needed or when the opportunity arises;
m) Provide on-call services and patient visits, as scheduled;
n) Travel as required.

Formal Education Requirements
At least an Associate’s Degree in Nursing is required.

Formal Experience Requirements
At least 1-2 years’ Medical-Surgical experience as a Registered Nurse is preferred

Skills and Abilities (Competencies)
Must possess:
• NYS Registered Professional Nurse in good standing
• Valid Driver license and current auto insurance

Job Specific Competencies

Clinical Judgment
Demonstrates critical thinking, analysis and critical judgment in the care of patients and families experiencing life-limiting, progressive illness through use of the nursing process to address the physical, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of the patients and families.

Advocacy and Ethics
Incorporates ethical principles and professional standards in the care of patients and families experiencing life-limiting, progressive illnesses; as well as identifying and advocating for the wishes and preferences of patients and families.

Professional Conduct
Demonstrates, knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes that are consistent with the professional standards, code of ethics, and scope of practice for hospice, palliative nursing, while maintaining professional boundaries.

Actively promotes dialogue with patients and families, the healthcare team and community to address and plan for issues related to living with, and/or dying from life-limiting, progressive illnesses.

Systems Thinking and Action
Utilizes resources necessary to enhance quality of life for patients and families experiencing life-limiting, progressive illness through knowledge and navigation within the healthcare system.

Cultural Competence
Demonstrates cultural competence by respecting and honoring the unique diversity and characteristics of patients, families, and colleagues in hospice/palliative care.

Facilitator of Learning
Facilitates learning for patient, family, self, members of the healthcare team and community through the development, implementation and evaluation of formal and informal education related to living with, and/or dying from a life-limiting, progressive illness.

Demonstrates the use of effective verbal, non-verbal and written communication with patients, families, members of the healthcare team and community in order to therapeutically address and accurately convey the hospice/palliative care needs of patients and families.

Additional Skills/Abilities/Requirements
• Maintain ethical standards, confidentiality and professional conduct;
• Strong communication skills including listening, verbal and written;
• Ability to work in a team setting, collaborate with others and adapt to a changing environment, while balancing priorities;
• Adhere to mission, vision, values, operating principles and strategic priorities;
• Must be proficient with electronic medical records.
• Ability to complete daily documentation/timesheets, etc., and other work in a timely manner with limited supervision.