Administrative Assistant

I. Position Summary
Perform a diverse array of financial and office responsibilities.

II. Essential Duties and Responsibilities
A. Finance Assistant
1. Review insurance payments, complete adjustments, and file insurance explanation of
2. Assist in completing insurance verifications;
3. Perform and maintain insurance credentialing;
4. Assist with accounts payable;
5. Complete daily mobile and bank deposits as needed;
6. Ensure the accuracy and financial integrity of incoming and outgoing fiscal items;
7. Track and reconcile nursing home room and board, hospital and physician visits;
8. Organize and update contracts and contract list;
9. Process and transfer CAHPS month-end-data;
10. Assist the Finance Manager with various projects as directed;
11. Back up Finance Manager as directed
B. HR Assistant
12. Orient new employees to eligible benefits, including health, dental, life and disability
insurance, PTO and LTS; and obtain necessary documents, e.g. professional license
(if applicable), valid driver license, auto insurance card, vaccination record (MMR &
PPD), physical exam, etc;
13. Assist in maintaining up-to-date personnel files (current professional license, driver
license, auto insurance card, annual performance review; and PPD, annual health
assessment, etc;
14. Assist in maintaining a tracking system for employee information;
15. Back up the VP of Business Operations in serving as the employee contact person for
human resources questions and information;
16. Back up the VP of Business Operations in maintaining current payroll records and
processing on a bi-weekly basis: hours worked, benefit time used, Federal/State
withholdings, voluntary deductions, direct deposit, garnishment, etc.;
17. Assist in maintaining system for accruing employee benefit time (PTO and LTS);
18. Prepare, assemble and distribute board packets for Board of Directors’ meetings;
19. Coordinate meetings, board meetings and executive committee with attendees;
20. Track expected and actual Board meeting attendance;
C. Community Engagement Assistant
21. Assist in maintaining Fundraiser database and process memorials and donations;
22. Assist Vice President of Community Engagement with various projects;
D. Miscellaneous
23. Assist in answering the CHPC phone, and direct calls to appropriate person/staff;
24. Back up Intake Coordinator and Medical Records
25. Support and maintain regulatory compliance;
26. Maintain timely and appropriate records/documents per Hospice policies and
27. Maintain compliance with all relevant laws and regulations;
28. Maintain/enhance professional skills and requirements including education and
29. Perform other tasks and duties as assigned;
30. Take initiative as needed;
31. Travel as needed.

III. Formal Education Requirements
Must have at least a high school diploma/G.E.D. An Associate’s Degree or higher in Business, Accounting, Human Resources, Administrative Professional, or a closely related field is preferred. LPN preferred.

IV. Formal Experience Requirements
At least 2 years’ experience in an office environment performing diverse administrative
responsibilities, preferably in a healthcare setting, is required. Experience in accounting, billing,
or human resources, preferably in a healthcare setting, is preferred.

V. Skills and Abilities (Competencies)
Certificates and Licenses
Must possess:
>Valid Driver license and current auto insurance

Job Specific Competencies
1. Finance Competency
Demonstrates proficiency and working knowledge of basic accounting, billing and/or
human resource functions.
2. Compliance
Complies with all Federal, State and local labor laws; GAAP (generally accepted
accounting principles); internal controls; applicable labor laws/regulations; and other health care laws and regulations. Ensures that actions support and include ethical principles and professional standards
3. Collaboration
Works collegially and dialogues appropriately with colleagues, patients and families, to address and plan for issues related to living with, and/or dying from life-limiting,
progressive illnesses.
4. Cultural Competence
Demonstrates cultural competence by respecting and honoring the unique diversity and characteristics of patients, families, and colleagues in hospice/palliative care.
5. Facilitator of Learning
Facilitates learning and self-development, both formally and informally in essential
duties of the position. Stay current with advances in Medicare, insurance and other
billing, as well as advances in the hospice and palliative care arena.
6. Communication
Demonstrates effective verbal, non-verbal, and written communication with colleagues and other stakeholders. Able to take minutes, and report proceedings of meetings accurately and effectively.
7. Professional Conduct
Maintains ethical standards, confidentiality and professional conduct. Maintains strict confidentiality of employee records and health information; and only shares necessary information with those who have a legitimate need-to-know.

Additional Skills/Abilities/Requirements
>Maintain ethical standards, confidentiality and professional conduct;
>Strong listening, verbal, and written communication skills;
>Ability to complete work in a team setting, collaborate with others and adapt to a
changing environment, while balancing priorities;
>Adhere to mission, vision, values, operating principles and strategic priorities;
>Must be proficient with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

VI. Working Conditions and Environmental Hazards
This position works in an office environment with normal levels of office noise.

VII. Physical Requirements
Position requires ability to follow established processes and procedures.

VIII. Contacts
Vice President of Business Operations, Finance Manager, Intake Coordinator, other office and administrative staff.
Outside telephone callers; Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance companies; patients and families; benefits/human resources consultants; insurance companies; and human resources industry peers.

Interested candidates should download our application, complete it and forward to the address below.

Inquiries about employment should be directed to:

Carolyn Wood
Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care
20 W. Fairmount Avenue
Lakewood, NY 14750

Applications and resumes may also be emailed to Carolyn at