Music Therapist

Music Therapist

Position Summary

Responsible for providing music therapy to hospice patients, families and staff at events and funeral services as needed to provide comfort, pleasure and socialization.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

o   Assess, monitor, and deliver appropriate music therapy needs of patients, families and staff to accomplish desired goals and outcomes;
o   Collaborate with the Interdisciplinary team and Therapeutic Services Coordinator and other Hospice and community members/resources on behalf of patients and families;
o   Support and maintain regulatory compliance;
o   Maintain timely and appropriate records/documents per Hospice policies and procedures;
o   Maintain/enhance professional skills and requirements including education and training;
o   Take initiative as needed or when the opportunity arises;
o   Perform other tasks and duties as assigned;
o   Provide flexible delivery of music therapy services, as needed;
o   Travel as required.

Formal Education Requirements
At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, Music Therapy, or related discipline.

Formal Experience Requirements
At least 1-2 years music therapy experience is preferred.

Skills and Abilities (Competencies)
Certificates and Licenses
Must possess:
o   Current professional designation or credential in music therapy (e.g. ACMT, CMT, MT-BC, or RMT) is preferred.
o   Valid Driver license and current auto insurance.
Job Specific Competencies
Music Foundations
o Music Theory and History
o Composition and Arranging Skills
o Major Performance Medium Skills
o Functional Music Skills
o Conducting Skills
o Movement Skills
Clinical Foundations
o Therapeutic Applications
o Therapeutic Principles
o The Therapeutic Relationship
Music Therapy
o Foundations and Principles
o Client Assessment
o Treatment Planning
o Therapy Implementation
o Therapy Evaluation
o Documentation
o Termination/Discharge Planning
o Professional Role/Ethics
o Inter-Professional Collaboration
o Administration
o Research Methods

Additional Skills/Abilities/Requirements
• Good organization skills;
• Strong interpersonal skills;
• Ability to complete daily documentation/timesheets, etc., and other work in a timely manner with limited supervision;
• Ability to manage time and priorities; ability to multi-task accordingly;
• Adhere to mission, vision, values, operating principles and strategic priorities;
• Maintain ethical standards, confidentiality and professional conduct;
• Must have proficient skills in MS Word, computer and internet;
• Strong communication skills including listening, verbal and written;
• Ability to work in a team setting, collaborate with others and adapt to a changing environment, while balancing priorities;
• Must have impeccable integrity, including maintaining ethical standards, confidentiality and professionalism.